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About Brand

FUMIRIUM is a Latin combination of fume- which means smoke, and lium which means space.
We are the Space Fragrance & Object brand which incorporates the smell medium flowing like invisible smoke into the object of type to help people living in different time and space create their own way of life.

We are developing a space fragrance item that can match various time and space, focusing on the Insense Performer, which can effectively watch the performance of Backflow Insense, which shows the downward mist flowing from top to bottom, and the shape changes over time.


"Intuitive design based on Form & Function + Craftmanship-based production know-how"

New paradigm : Created by enhancing visual performance to the basic functions and sensibilities of the product.
Form & Function : Reflect usability through intuitive user experience(UX) into structural design.
Material : Concentrate on the essence of the material.